Why brands break through into Nordic culture

Why brands break through into Nordic culture

Byrå: SCPGREY  |  År: 2015  |  Min roll: Creative & Strategist

Why is some advertising more successful than others? Why does some campaigns becomes epic pieces everybody talks about while others just feels embarrassing and ridiculous?

That’s of course hard to answer, if even possible. Success in advertising is a combination of great ideas, great production and great media strategy. And a great portion of luck. At the same time it’s possible to see similarities in successful advertising campaigns, as it is with campaigns that fails.

Some of todays most popular stories are those from or about brands. The best advertising of today creates a part of the culture we consume. Advertising has become pop culture.

In this talk, originally held before General Mills, called: ”Nordic success – Why brands break through into Nordic culture”, we categorize popular advertising campaigns into archetypes. We map out and analyze what these archetypes are built upon and and how local perspective on global archetypes is a success factor.

To become successful in advertising you have to understad how culture colors archetypes. Culture, not archetypes, generates recognition, connection and credibility and is the way we relate to archetypes.

In the nordic countries and cultures some archetypes are stronger and more relevant than others. Looking at Swedish and Norwegian advertising, it’s obvious we have our own unique way of relating and coloring archetypes.

This talk was created together with Helena Emms, Planner at SCPGREY.

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